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When will I get my Number Plates?

Once an order is confirmed, we aim to get the plates made within 1-3 days. Delays may occur due to busy periods or delays in presenting documents. However we are always available to give updates on any orders made

What is a Show Plate?

All number plates in our product section which do not have the option to add legal markings are considered show plates 
Additionally, if a legal set of plates are chosen without legal markings, they too are considered as show plates
Tinted plates are not road legal

Are my Number Plates Road Legal?

PAdditional info

Plates of which consist of the legal markings of BSAU 145D/ BSAU 145E & the suppliers details are fully road legal - assuming the supplier is registered with the DVLA and follows all the guidelines

Tint is not legal. Also we do not sell the legal writes to any reg. So please make sure you own this before purchasing from us. These can be found on DVLA or via any other plate dealers

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