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Proof of I.D and Proof of Entitlement

When purchasing a set of road legal number plates please make sure you are able to send us Proof of I.D and Proof of Entitlement all number plate suppliers must ask for these documents before purchases. To show you own or are entitled to use this reg and to prove your name and address. These can be in the forms of.

(one document from each list) any questions please contact us!

Proof of entitlement

  • The Vehicle Registration Certificate (V5C)

  • Certificate of entitlement (V750)

  • The New Keepers Slip/ Green Slip (V5C/2)

  • Retention Document (V778)

  • Tax Reminder (V11)

  • A Temporary Registration Certificate (V379)

  • Number Plate Authorisation Certificate (EV948/V948)​

Proof of I.D

  • Driving License​

  • Utility, Council tax or rates bill from the last 6 months  

  • National identity card

  • a bank statement issued within 6 months

  • a bank 

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