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4D Forged Carbon Plates (subtle)

4D Forged Carbon Plates (subtle)

£60.00 Regular Price
£54.99Sale Price

This is for the carbon lovers who want the a more stand out look! These plates are very subtle as the forged is only seen in certain light so is subtle. A Clean set of 4D Carbon FORGED plates matches perfectly with a car which has carbon accessories. These consist of  a 3d carbon gel layer. These are similar to the 3d carbon plates .Which includes free first class postage. All orders are for front and back plates

(show plates)

  • E.I

    Before purchasing please make sure you own the reg which you have written and that if legal has not been selected that they are classed as show plates.

  • E.I 2

    Please make sure spacing is how youd like it

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